• Erste Group Bank AG

    Erste Group Bank AG

    Client: international bank
    Project: multi-source feedback survey
    Region: AT, CZ, HU, HR, RO, SK, SL, UA
    Employees: ca. 55.000

  • ZUNO Bank


    Client: bank
    Project: employee survey
    Region: AT, CZ, SK, HU

  • Styria Media Group AG

    Client: media company
    Project: multi-source feedback survey
    Region: AT, HR, SL
    Employees: ca. 3.200


  • bauMax

    bauMax AG

    Client: international retail chain – home improvement market
    Project: employee survey, multi-source feedback survey
    Region: AT, CZ, BG, HU, HR, RO, SK, SI, TR
    Employees: ca. 10.000

  • dm Drogeriemarkt

    dm Drogeriemarkt

    Client: international retail chain – drugstores
    Project: employee survey
    Region: AT, BIH, CZ, BG, HU, HR, RO, SK, SI
    Employees: ca. 11.000

  • Vienna Insurance Group

    Vienna Insurance Group

    Client: international insurance company
    Project: human asset rating
    Region: AT, AL, BG, BY, CZ, DE, EE, GE, HR, HU, IT, KOS, LI, LT, LV, MK, PL, RO, RS, RU, SK, TR, UA
    Employees: ca. 23.000


  • BILLA s.r.o.

    Client: international retail chain
    Project: multi-source feedback for headquarters´managers
    Region: SK
    Employees: ca. 3.400

vieconsult is a Vienna-based and internationally operating research and consulting company. vieconsult was founded in April 2010 as a spin-off from the international YouGov-Group. We support our clients in challenging organizational change processes by offering a wide spectrum of services in the field of organizational research and organizational consulting.

„vie“ represents the location of our headquarters in Vienna.
From here we work for some of Austria‘s leading companies in national and international projects. The main focus of our work lies in the German-speaking countries (DACH) and the CEE-region. We think globally and act locally. No matter whether you need us in Minsk, Zagreb or in Vienna.

„consult“ represents the work we do.
We accompany and counsel companies in their corporate development. A fundamental part of our work is to establish a solid base of data and facts as a starting point for this journey. Read on »

  • Discover the full potential of your company

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