Healthy workplaces help to maintain the motivation and performance of your staff, thus demonstrably increasing work productivity. The workplace evaluation of psychological stress (according to the Austrian Employee Protection Act – “ASchG”) or the psychological risk assessment (according to the German Occupational Safety Law – “ArbSchG”) help organisations to shape the working environment as well as workplaces for employees in such a way that mental stress does not become excessive.

Our occupational psychologists support you in implementing the evaluation of psychological stress in line with legal requirements. Individually and adapted to the needs of your company.

Evaluate the risk potential of psychological stress in your organisation and promote the mental well-being of your employees with effective measures.

The focus of the evaluation of psychological stress

Working conditions should not make employees physically or mentally ill. The aim of the evaluation is to examine the working conditions in companies with regards to mental stress and, based on this, to design them in such a way that the health of employees is continuously protected and promoted.

Workplace hazards to the mental health of employees are examined on four levels:

  • Task requirements: Mental stress arising from the work itself
  • Social and organisational climate: Mental stress arising from social interaction
  • Working environment: Mental stress arising from the spatial design of the workplace
  • Work processes and organisation of work: Mental stress arising from the organisational and procedural structure

The evaluation tools we use address the main topics required by law (“ASchG” in Austria, “ArbSchG” in Germany) and can be expanded to meet company-specific needs. A combination with a classic employee survey is also possible.

Your evaluation of psychological stress with vieconsult

Every company has its own unique characteristics that must be considered when carrying out an evaluation of psychological stress. Following legal requirements, we work with you to design an evaluation process that is adapted to the wishes and specific needs of your company and leads to success.

Depending on the type of company, we offer different options for the evaluation of psychological stress:

Quantitative analysis: flexible and modern

With specially validated questionnaire formats and fast software solutions, we offer maximum flexibility and efficiency in the identification of stresses and the presentation of results:

  • Compact: Crisp screening instruments, expandable with additional questions
  • Validated: Quality-assured according to ISO 75001, validated on 4,000 employees
  • Action-oriented: Consistently solution- and action-oriented through positive phrasing of items
  • Up-to-date: With current benchmarks for the Austrian labour market
  • Transparent: Recorded in all important method databases
  • Smart: With interactive presentation of results

Qualitative analysis: individual and modular

Whether focus groups, workplace inspections or interviews – we design and moderate evaluation tools and formats adapted to your needs (both online and face-to-face):

  • Stand-alone: Evaluation of psychological stress with specially designed workshop formats
  • Modular: Can be integrated with results from other analyses
  • Interactive: Different viewpoints – consensual solutions
  • Creative: The same mental stress – a variety of starting points for action
  • Profound: Moderation competency combined with expertise in occupational psychology

We support you in each project phase of the workplace evaluation of psychological stress with our consultation, methodological variety and modern technological solutions.

Take this opportunity to turn your legal obligation into a real chance for your business.

What can we do for you?

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