Data source or data graveyard?

Generally, employee surveys are company-wide written surveys, which among other things are intended to positively develop engagement, productivity, and corporate culture.

But, be honest: How many employee surveys do you know of that, rather than becoming valuable data source, have become a creepy data graveyard for the mere collection of facts, without sustainably promoting change?

A frequent reason for this is that employee surveys are misunderstood as “market research projects”. Employees are interviewed as if they were passers-by in the pedestrian zone. It doesn’t work that way!

Employee surveys can be effective tools for organisational development – if you treat them as such. That’s what we do!

A thousand eyes see more than two

Employee surveys are a flywheel that can help to establish and maintain a continuous learning and improvement process in your company. According to the motto “Four eyes see more than two”, we magnify your vision by 100, 1,000, or 10,000, thus expanding your field of vision.

Employee surveys are available in many different forms, which we design for you according to customer wishes and project requirements.

You will be spoiled for choice:

  • company-wide complete surveys
  • surveys tailored to the target group
  • compact mood barometers / pulse checks
  • ongoing change barometers
  • corporate culture analyses
  • ASchG evaluations (evaluation of psychological stress in accordance with §4 of the Occupational Protection Act)
  • or an employee survey tailored to your business needs

Salzburg AG

  • Category Employee survey
  • Number of employees 2100 employees
  • Industry Industry/Production
  • Area Austria

PremiQaMed Gruppe

  • Category Employee survey
  • Number of employees 1500 employees
  • Industry Service/Trade
  • Area Austria

JAF International

  • Category Employee survey
  • Number of employees 2700 employees
  • Industry Industry/Production
  • Area International

Wiener Stadtwerke

  • Category Employee survey
  • Number of employees 16000 employees
  • Industry Industry/Production
  • Area Austria

AScHG evaluation: Same same, but different!

The evaluation of psychological stress in accordance with §4 ASchG has been omnipresent in Austria since 2013. Large companies in particular face the challenge of reconciling the legal requirements of the ASchG evaluation with existing survey initiatives. You don’t want to have to survey employees two or three times!

That is why vieconsult created the IAAB© for large companies. The “Integrated analysis of work-related stress” is a questionnaire concept that combines the legal requirements of the ASchG evaluation with conventional, strategic employee surveys.

With the IAAB©, you integrate the legal evaluation requirements into your employee survey and create synergies for your company!

  • Compact: A lean screening tool, which can be expanded with additional questions.
  • Validated: Quality assured according to ISO 75001, validated for 4,000 employees.
  • Action-oriented: Thorough solution and action-orientation via positive item formulations.
  • Current: With current benchmarks for the Austrian labour market.
  • Transparent: Recorded in all major method databases.

Risks and side effects

vieconsult conducts employee surveys of any size and variety for companies. Regardless of whether it is at a national, international or even global level, in us you will find a partner with many years of experience in the design and support of employee surveys.

Whether an employee survey is the right tool for you depends on many factors. That is why we pay particular attention during the design phase as to how a tried and true method can be tailored to your needs.

vieconsult conducts dozens of employee surveys per year. Rely on our experience in the development and implementation of action-oriented employee surveys.

  • An employee survey focuses on the involvement of your employees and is a participation tool. If great mistrust or open conflict prevails, employee surveys can either lead to distorted results or fail completely.
  • An employee survey is primarily a measurement procedure. If resources are not sufficiently invested in refining the results, the project degenerates into a graveyard of figures.
  • An employee survey must be supported by the top management. It requires true willingness to deal with the results. If this willingness is not present, the survey becomes a pseudo-tool.
  • An employee survey builds on a basis of being voluntary and anonymous. If these aspects are denied, distorted results can be expected.

Two unequal brothers: Anonymity and privacy

Made in Austria. Hosted in Europe!

Privacy includes technical and organisational measures to protect your data. And your data is in good hands with us! We do not want to fulfil the minimum privacy requirements, rather, we want to be pioneers in our industry. That’s why we rely on ISO 27001-certified data centres within the EU, thorough privacy policies and procedure directories, and regular security testing.

100% anonymised!

Anonymity means the non-traceability of the answers to the respondents, and is a sensitive and central issue, especially for internal surveys. At vieconsult we are aware of the responsibility we carry when your employees entrust us with their opinions. And we exercise appropriate care. This includes minimal collection of sociodemographics, introduction of technical measures to ensure anonymity, and application of strict minimum evaluation limits.

Follow up data with action

An employee survey comes alive through refinement of the results. To this end, plan sufficient resources for the refinement phase, and develop a plan for subsequently handling the results before the survey.

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