From "Know-How" to "Can Do"

Whether it is a 360° leadership feedback or an employee survey, the survey is only the beginning of the subsequent change process.

A survey should be the energy impulse that triggers communication in an organisation, getting the ball rolling. Sounds easy, but that isn’t always the case, as there are often hurdles.

Whatever the hurdles, we will be experienced development facilitators for your feedback recipients. Transfer discussions have proved to be a successful tool for providing support.

Possible hurdles in the refinement process:

  • The feedback surprises managers, emotionally affecting them.
  • ‘Translating’ results into behavioural changes leads to excessive demands.
  • The separation of relevant and irrelevant cannot be clearly accomplished. You can’t see the forest for the trees.
  • A neutral counterpart for recognising their own blind spots is lacking.


1:1 Transfer discussions

Transfer discussions usually take place after 360° feedback, and consist of approximately 90 minutes of bilateral discussions between a feedback recipient and a vieconsult consultant. In the course of them …

  • … individual results are examined and discussed.
  • … the results are reflected on and prioritised with the respective manager.
  • … options for the manager to take action are derived and weighted.
  • … the next steps are defined and specifically planned.

Transfer discussions utilise coaching techniques, but are to be distinguished from conventional coaching processes. Unlike regular coaching units, they are only one-time interventions and have a higher degree of predetermined structure.

Coaching Kreislauf vieconsult

Additionally or alternatively

In-house coaches

We often hear the question, “Can’t we undertake the transfer discussions ourselves?”. The answer is a definite “Yes, but…”.

Of course, transfer discussions can also be handled in-house. However, experience shows that the acceptance of external transfer discussions is higher. If you decide to undertake it in-house, your consultants should have in-depth knowledge of coaching techniques and management development expertise. vieconsult offers special qualification workshops in order to qualify your HR team or managers for transfer discussions.

Written guidelines

In addition to bilateral discussions, we recommend utilising written guidelines for action, directly integrated into the results reports. In these compact accompanying documents, managers are instructed in how to work with the results using coaching questions and exercises, step by step.

The use of such guidelines can be an effective addition to the portfolio of support tools, promoting the fixed planning of subsequent steps.

Worthington Cylinders

  • Category Leadership feedback
  • Number of employees 300 employees
  • Industry Industry/Production
  • Area Austria


  • Category Leadership feedback
  • Number of employees 1200 employees
  • Industry Service/Trade
  • Area Austria


  • Category Leadership feedback
  • Number of employees 36000 employees
  • Industry Industry/Production
  • Area Austria

One for all, all for one.

In addition to working with managers in bilateral transfer discussions, you would like to do so in group settings? Read more about our services in the area of results workshops.

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