We are not market researchers!

We are not interested in consumers and markets. Our passion is for people, jobs, and organisations.

As an institute for organisational research and development, we have been specialising in conducting employee surveys and 360° leadership feedback surveys since 2010. If you will, we are a specialist medical practice, not a general practitioner.

From the planning and conception of your surveys, through to consistent refinement of your survey results in workshops or transfer discussions, you will find an experienced partner in us. Depending on the project phase, for our customers we are project managers, consultants, organisational developers, social researchers, occupational psychologists, communicators, analysts, presenters, coaches, moderators, and sometimes motivators. There is only one thing we never are: market researchers!

Our vision: The world as a better place to work!

Our vision is a working world where people like to come to work on Mondays just as much as they like leaving for the weekend on Friday afternoons.

We believe that a performance-oriented and productive environment where employees are motivated and actively pursue their work is an achievable goal for any company. And we believe that companies can take many small steps each day toward achieving this goal.

We do not want to “satisfy” employees or “repair” managers. We work with our customers to design work and management structures so that productivity and commitment are in harmony with each other and can grow together sustainably.

Because: If commitment has taken root, success will flourish!

Our mission: We bring people into dialogue through feedback

Feedback is essential for effective learning and development processes. Feedback helps to check set goals, to question your own status quo, and to learn from past mistakes. Feedback is the flywheel that enables companies, teams and managers to learn!

Thus, vieconsult’s mission is to help individuals and organisations receive feedback on themselves, so they can learn from it.

With our employee surveys and 360° leadership feedback surveys, we make the world into a better place to work: project by project, questionnaire by questionnaire, results report by results report.

We love customers who love change!

We mainly work for leading Austrian companies and large corporations from all industries.

What our customers have in common is the demand to realise surveys as a true learning opportunity for the company and as an engine for change. That’s why our projects do not focus on pure measurement. The surveys serve as a change and organisational development tool and as an empirical basis for subsequent development of initiatives.

We welcome anyone who shares this standard! Whether your survey is at a national, international or even global level – with us you will have a long-term partner for conducting results-oriented employee surveys and 360° leadership feedback surveys.


JAF International

  • Category Employee survey
  • Number of employees 2700 employees
  • Industry Industry/Production
  • Area International


  • Category Leadership feedback
  • Number of employees 8500 employees
  • Industry Industry/Production
  • Area International


  • Category Employee survey
  • Number of employees 5500 employees
  • Industry Service/Trade
  • Area Austria

Erste Bank Gruppe

  • Category Leadership feedback
  • Number of employees 45000 employees
  • Industry Service/Trade
  • Area International