Bring leadership competencies into focus


A multi-source-feedback survey offers managers broad and structured  feedback on their own leadership competences. In such feedback process a target person – the evaluee – receives feedback from his/her own working environment: the superior, the subordinates, the peers and even clients are invited to fill in a questionnaire and provide written feedback. To increase the didactic effect the evaluees fill in a self-perception questionnaire. The self-perception and the feedback from the working environment are systematically compared in the evaluation und discussed with a leadership coach.


A multi-source-feedback can provide important insights and impulses for the individual development of managers. These surveys help companies to identify high potentials, define individual training needs and stimulate  constructive and open discussion about leadership competences in their company. A well-implemented multi-source feedback is a strong tool to make leadership visible and offers a management team a „down to earth“ experience by showing their behaviour as managers reflected in the perception from the part of their working environment.


Fields of application:

  • Individual assessment within the framework of staff development
  • Element of a leadership curriculum
  • Starting point for a coaching process
  • Part of a performance management programme
  • Part of your educational planning process
  • Emphasizing leadership topics after an employee survey
  • Starting point for defining leadership guidelines in your company
  • Instrument to evaluate existing leadership guidelines in your company
  • A multi-source feedback can also be adopted as an internal service feedback survey to provide service departments such as HR, marketing, etc. with comprehensive feedback on their service quality

A multi-source-feedback offers managers new insights into how their daily behaviour is perceived by their working environment. These insights open up the opportunity to constantly learn and improve their own leadership style.