Focus groups & Workshops

Working directly with your managers and employees


A survey allows to address a wide range of topics in your company and raises quantitative data.  Qualitative instruments such as focus groups or workshops help to emphasize certain topics, provide profound understanding and implement changes.

Focus groups are a qualitative research method that is used to deepen the knowledge of certain aspects and topics. 8 to 12 managers or employees discuss – moderated by an experienced moderator – one of these focus topics. Usually such discussions last for 1,5 h. One can use this instrument before or after an employee survey. Before a survey: to raise information about important topics out of the employees‘ perspective that should be addressed in the survey. After a survey: to discuss improvement areas and specific ideas derived from the survey. Apart from any survey project, focus groups are an efficient and proven  instrument to raise employee opinions and awareness about ongoing projects and change initiatives.


Fields of application:

  • To deepen your understanding of certain core topcis after a survey
  • To explore ideas and suggestions with your staff
  • To improve processes and projects


In a company workshops can be used in many different ways. They open up the opportunity to directly work with managers, employees or the members of a project group. After a survey workshops are widely used to derive specific measures and initiatives for improvement processes. An experienced moderator guides the working process and supports the workflow by didactically presenting topics and delivering best practices from other companies.


Fields of application

  • Implementation-workshop after a survey
  • HR-related workshops to develop specific tools and programmes together with HR-specialists
  • Creativity-workshops to find new ideas
  • Train-the-trainer-workshops for managers and HR-specialists
  • Facilitation and moderation of large-group events

From a single project meeting to a large-group event for all of your 800 employees – we are your reliable partner. We support you in designing and organizing your workshop, provide experienced moderators, document and sort the findings and help you to get into action afterwards. We support you in evaluating the insights and opportunities you have after a survey and are your companions in implementing them.