Fields of expertise

We believe that the engagement, the know-how and the formal qualification of employees will become more and more important as an economic success factor in the global market. We support companies to strategically develop „the success factor employee“, the only part of a company that can not easily be copied by competitors.


We support our clients along the following topics in order to enhance the competitiveness of their organizations:

  • Attracting People: How to find competent and motivated employees and position yourself as  the “employer of choice”?
  • Selecting People: How to select the best applicants in both respects: competence and company-fit?
  • Developing People: How can you help people to discover and unleash their full potential? How to improve – in the long-term perspective – the human capital of your company?
  • Leading People: How to implement an effective, efficient and at the same time inspiring leadership culture in your company? How to improve leadership competences?
  • Engaging People: How to sustain and improve the engagement of your employees? How to shape the company culture and environment that enables high performance?
  • Involving People: How to involve and inspire managers and employees in the framework of change processes? How to raise ideas and suggestions for topics such as quality assurance or product development?
  • Retaining people: How to avoid turn over in your company and help your employees retain physical and psychological well-being in the long-term perspective?

vieconsult supports you within a wide range of topics. Always having the same objective in mind: delivering insights that open up new opportunities!