About us

vieconsult is a Vienna-based and internationally operating research and consulting company. vieconsult was founded in April 2010 as a spin-off from the international YouGov-Group. We support our clients in challenging organizational change processes by offering a wide spectrum of services in the field of organizational research and organizational consulting.

„vie“ represents the location of our headquarters in Vienna.
From here we work for some of Austria‘s leading companies in national and international projects. The main focus of our work lies in the German-speaking countries (DACH) and the CEE-region. We think globally and act locally. No matter whether you need us in Minsk, Zagreb or in Vienna.

„consult“ represents the work we do.
We accompany and counsel companies in their corporate development. A fundamental part of our work is to establish a solid base of data and facts as a starting point for this journey. By applying social research methods like surveys or interviews we raise data that are necessary for the well-founded planning of  change processes. Our know-how as a corporate consultancy supports you in implementing these change initiatives and facilitates the work with your managers and employees.

Me and my team, we are proud to work for some of Austrias leading companies. As the guiding theme of this new company we chose >>new insights. new opportunities.<< according to this motto we want to deliver our clients evidence-based advice and help them to make better decisions. we want to support them in constantly improving business processes and actively shape their stakeholder relations. we want to think global and act local: no matter if our clients need us in Zagreb, Budapest or Vienna.

Our motto is „new insights. new opportunities. We offer our clients insights and knowledge to improve their business processes, make sound decisions and actively shape their relations with their stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers). We combine research and consulting, science and practice, evaluation of the past and strategy development for the future.

We maintain an international network of cooperation partners that ensures our clients on-site support and competence for their local organizational change initiatives.

You want to carry out a workshop for your team in Vienna? A strategy workshop with your management team in Prague? An employee engagement survey in 23 countries around the globe? We help you to gain new insights about your company and to discover new opportunities for your future.